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Heads Up

Supporting you to maintain mental wellbeing through challenging times. The Heads Up team are available for telephone support during our usual drop-in hours.

Please note helpline is now closed until January 5

Monday 2-4pm
Wednesday 10-2pm
Thursday 12-2pm

Ring the Heads Up team on any of these telephone numbers:

Maysoon 07849136944

Rose 07950617898

Catriona 07394942066

email is also available

outwith our drop-in hours you can ring Samaritans 116123 or email

Please note - We will require you to provide us with your contact details, date of birth and details of your GP if you wish to make use of our telephone drop-in.

Social isolation is not easy for anyone. If you find you are beginning to feel low in mood or your anxiety is getting the better of you, consider our TELEPHONE BEFRIENDING SERVICE. Ask Rose for further details.

Managing Stress

Coronavirus has affected all our lives in many different ways. Self isolating and being indoors for much of the time can make us feel disconnected from the world and lead to distressing thoughts and anxiety.

You may be worried about your own health, or the health of your family and friends. You may be watching the news more often than usual and this in itself can heighten anxiety and distress.

Below you will find some on-line tools to support you through this difficult time.

Stress Control Online

Stress is a normal reaction to the rapidly changing and uncertain times we are all living in at the moment. If you are feeling a bit more stressed than usual and would like to learn some great ways, free-of-charge, to deal with common problems like anxiety, depression, panicky feelings, poor sleep and poor wellbeing then you may benefit from this NHS Scotland online Stress Control class.

Access Stress Control Online >



Improving the Mental Health & Wellbeing of all citizens in Edinburgh. Latest issue...

Thrive Nov issue 22 >

Ecotherapy - Mindfulness in Nature

This introduction to ecotherapy aims to help you take a break from your worries and concerns and tune in to the natural world. Mindfulness is the practice of being actively and purposefully aware of the present moment. Scientific evidence suggests that regular practice of mindfulness can be beneficial for mental and physical well being.

Ecotherapist Stephen McCabe will lead you through a series of exercises to help you enjoy the benefits that unfold when we take time to focus on the natural world and all that it has to offer.

Headspace have collated a collection of meditations, sleep and movement exercises to support us through the Covid crisis. It’s called ‘weathering the storm’ and is free for everyone. Click on the link for this fantastic range of simple and effective exercises



Art & Creativity : An arts programme from your sofa >

The arts too have a lot to offer in these difficult times. See below for some amazing initiatives. If you think art is not your cup of tea – go on TRY SOMETHING NEW and take this opportunity for growth and change.


Artspace 55 Art Club : More info >

Everyone can make art. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. It is about taking time out and enjoying the freedom to express yourself. Why not have a look at this demonstration on mobile photography.



For our friends in Good Morning Gorgie and anyone 55 years and over who requires support while self isolating please call Gloria 07380636477 Mon-Thurs 10am - 2pm


Polish Link Worker Service

If you are Polish and require support please ring Joanna on 07494679674Our Polish Link Worker is available for phone support from Monday to Wednesday between 10am and 2pm. 

Ze względu na obecną sytuację związaną z wirusem Covid-19, nasz Polski Link Worker oferuje tylko wsparcie telefoniczne lub przez email. Kontakt telefoniczny oferujemy od poniedziałku do środy w godzinach od 10.00 do 14.00. Prosimy o kontakt na numer 07494679674 lub




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