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Anxiety Management

Running throughout the year, these workshops will help you recognize the signs and symptoms of anxiety and understand their underlying causes. In gaining a better understanding of your symptoms you can learn how to cope with them more effectively. Practical strategies and tips for relaxation are also provided.

Think Positive

Negative thinking makes us feel bad and when we feel bad we tend to think negatively. Break the cycle and take your first step towards a more positive frame of mind. Health All Round runs monthly workshops focussing on: raising self esteem, positive thinking, regaining a sense of control over your life, communication skills, problem solving and conflict resolution. See What's On or telephone for more information.

Walking Groups

Walking groups are a fantastic way to improve your fitness levels and provide a good opportunity to meet new people and make friends in your local area. Walking is easy to fit in to your every day routine and can save you money on bus fares and/or petrol. We will show you some beautiful walks that are on your doorstep. Check out the 'What's On' for current groups.

Walking Football : See 'What's On'

Gentle Excercise : See 'What's On'

Active Steps

Active Steps supports and motivates individuals to lead a more active life. Active Steps provides access to walking groups, weight-management programmes, gym, gardening and cooking groups. These are only some examples and a wider range of activities are available.

Growing Confidence (Parenting)

An 8-week programme to sharpen up your parenting skills, meet new friends and enjoy the support of other parents. Suitable for parents of young children and teenagers. Contact Maysoon to book a place (Creche available, donations appreciated).