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Older People’s Services:

Health All Round services are available to people of all ages (over 16!) and we welcome older people to make use of any service they think may be of benefit to them. However we know that there are particular issues that relate to later life and so we have a range of services specifically designed for anyone over the age of 55 years.

Older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation and loneliness and there is a great deal of evidence that this can have a major impact on health and wellbeing. People can become isolated for a variety of reasons: children leaving home & moving away; death of partners and friends; physical health problems; weakness and frailty; depression; memory impairment; lack of confidence; lack of paid employment & caring responsibilities.

We provide a range of services to meet the needs of older people living in our area. We always involve participants in organising and planning events and services and we do our utmost to respond to the issues that they present to us – we really do!

Good Morning Gorgie:
This service is currently suspended - please scroll down to Gorgie Connects for what's on offer now.

Meets every Tuesday morning from 10am to about 12.30 in a fully accessible venue. This popular social group includes a broad range of activities including: Gentle Exercise; Singing; New Age Kurling; Art Workshops; Seated Swing Dance; Reminiscence; Story telling; quizzes, Tui- Na Massage…….

There is no pressure to join in activities, you can just sit and chat if you prefer – there is always someone to chat to! A light nutritious lunch is served, with good bread and home made soup which (in spring and summer) includes vegetables from the Health All Round allotment. We take care to ensure that specific dietary requirements are catered for so if someone cannot have a particular food then they can still join in the lunch.

Good Morning Gorgie also includes social events and in the last year or so we have enjoyed: a visit from the Therapy Ponies; Christmas Lunch (the whole shebang!!); Burns Supper (again the whole shebang!!) and a visit from The Tubby Horse Company. Looking forward we are planning a Murder Mystery and a Fish Tea.

We are sure you will be cheered and energised by this light hearted and friendly group, but if there are problematic issues in your life, staff and volunteers are available for support and information on additional services to meet your needs.

Sunshine Film club: Film times >

A free community cinema based in St Martin’s Community Resource Centre, 232 Dalry Rd. A wide range of (recently released) films showing on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. It’s much better fun than sitting in front of the telly on your own - and you get to eat popcorn too! There is time for discussion at the end of each film.

Gorgie Connects:

  • One to one support to keep you safe and well during periods of lockdown. This service is open to all ages:

  • Telephone Befriending

  • Signposting to Health All Round and other local resources

  • Deliveries of food, medication and essentials (for people who are housebound due to shielding or ill health)

  • Information and referrals to foodbanks

  • Access to crisis grants

    and benefits
  • Support to get to hospital appointments

  • Coaching and practical support to help you access on-line resources

  • Volunteer support to help you get back on your feet following periods of lockdown

  • Support for carers

Contact Gloria to register for Good Morning Gorgie or Gorgie Connects: gloria@healthallround.org.uk
telephone 07380636477 or 0131 337 1376 Mon-Thurs 10am - 2pm




Health All Round employs a small bank of befriending volunteers to support older people to access community resources, or through periods of illness, and help them get back on their feet. We are also keen to support carers of older people in any way we can. Befrienders can provide transport, however this is a limited service.

If you are having difficulties leaving your home, or if you are a carer who requires support to bring someone along to a Good Morning Gorgie service just give us a ring. If we can help we will. If our service is not suitable we can provide information on alternative services.

There is no cost for Gorgie Connects or any of the older people’s services (but donations are appreciated)

“I am 87 years old and although I have a very caring family, they all work, so can’t be with me 24 hours a day – so it can be lonely. It makes a huge difference having Good Morning Gorgie to go to. Thank you all so much, you are so caring.”

“I am utterly amazed at what the wonderful people at Good Morning Gorgie provide us with – laughter, smiles, food, advice, massages! Then there are special events like the Christmas dinner and Burns Supper – when all the staff from Westfield come and are so friendly too. Many, many thanks to you all.”

“Many thanks for all your care and kindness and for the warm welcome I receive every Tuesday at Good Morning Gorgie. The services you provide really do change lives. Thank you simply isn’t enough.”